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Cleburne Restaurants Open During Coronavirus

What a weird time in life we are all experiencing. I’m in a Facebook group for travel bloggers and someone came up with this idea of putting together lists of local eateries still offering carry-out and/or delivery. I’ve seen so many of my friends sharing places that are doing just that in my hometown, so what better place to start than there! Here’s a list of some local Cleburne restaurants you can help support while still practicing social distancing!

See something you like that’s on Door Dash and haven’t tried it yet? Sign up with this link, place an order over $15 and get $5 off your first three orders! You get $15 and I hopefully get credit for sending you over and get $10 myself! Also, delivery from local Cleburne restaurants is currently free!

Asaka Sushi

I’ve never eaten at Asaka Sushi, but I couldn’t leave what it probably the only place to get sushi in Cleburne off the list! Check their Facebook page for updates and hours and click here to see their menu and order online. To place an order over the phone, call: 817-933-2811, or order through Door Dash.

A Local’s Directions

It’s off Henderson, you know, in the center with Cicis.

Address: 1301 W Henderson St, Ste L1, Cleburne, Texas 76033

One of the Cleburne restaurants open during coronavirus, Barrera's.


Not only is this local favorite doing curbside and delivery, they are also currently offering grocery boxes (as seen above)! Check out their Facebook page for all the details or call 682-317-1915 to order.

A Local’s Directions

No local needs to be told where Barrera’s is, but just for giggles: It’s across the street (Hyde Park) from Chili’s.

Address: 1649 W Henderson St, Ste B, Cleburne, TX 76033

Buffalo Creek BBQ

Buffalo Creek goes all the way through Cleburne, border’s what used to be my family land and goes under the famed “Old Foamy.” Not that you needed all that backstory to know that they have some good barbecue here! Call 817-645-6950 to place a togo order.

A Local’s Directions

It’s over by the police station. Watch out for those one way roads, you hear?

Address: 402 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Burger Bar

A place I hold near to the heart! This tiny little place puts out some great tasting burgers that I used to get at lunch time with my Meme in high school! Call 817-645-9031 to place an order and check their Facebook page for specials.

A Local’s Directions

This one’s hard. You basically have to be a local to know how to get there without directions. It’s off of Anglin, near the downtown square.

Address: 109 N Anglin St, Cleburne, TX 76031


The place that everyone argues about how to say its name and where I used to love to have breakfast with my grandparents. I haven’t eaten there in probably 10 years, but that’s just because I don’t live in Cleburne anymore. Chaf-In is celebrating its 100th year this year, so support a local historic favorite! Call 817-645-3772 to place an order and pick up at the door. Here’s a link to their breakfast menu so you can look at the only food I’ve ever eaten there (besides their rolls of course).

A Local’s Directions

It’s across the street from the library.

Address: 209 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Chicken Express

Oh, Chicken E., how I love thee. I’d love to drive-thru and get some tenders and a big thing of sweet tea right now! I’m not counting this as a chain because I know two families that are franchisees of Chicken Express. Cleburne’s locations are offering curbside during this time and you can order ahead for Main at 817-556-0444 or Henderson at 817-645-3545.

A Local’s Directions

Well there’s two so which do you want? The original is on Main and the other is on Henderson across from the mall.

Address: 828 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033 / 1666 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033


FasTaco is a local chain that started in Burleson and has several locations in the area. Funny enough, I’ve only ever eaten at FasTaco in Burleson. They have a drive thru and I’m assuming from the Tweet above, they are open for business. You can call 817-202-0099 if you any questions. See their menu here for your options!

A Local’s Directions

It’s in between Panda Express and Cotton Patch.

Address: 1310 W Henderson, Cleburne, TX 76033

Grumps Burgers

I remember being pretty excited when Grumps came to Cleburne! But it also went into one of the building that was basically a revolving door for restaurants. They’ve managed to stay put though! Call 817-774-2874 to get your order going.

A Local’s Directions

The restaurant building on the corner of Kilpatrick and Main.

Address: 1704 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Heroes Cafe

I’ve only eaten here a handful of times, but it’s fun to walk around Wright Plaza (not during a pandemic) when you dine with them. Call 817-645-1400 to place a carry out order or look them up on Grub Hub.

A Local’s Directions

You’ll find them inside the historic Wright Plaza.

Address: 115 S. Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033


I haven’t been able to eat at Jimmie’s since it opened, but man, looking at his Facebook page has me hungry! They’ve been selling out, so make sure you pre-order the day before by calling 682-317-1863.

A Local’s Directions

Located in Garza Plaza just off the downtown square.

Address: 114 E Chambers, Cleburne, Texas 76031

La Cima

Another building that has seen multiple Cleburne restaurants go through it. This one has held on, and for good reason! Their Mexican food is pretty good! Call 682-317-1110 to place your carry-out order or see their Facebook page for information on delivery.

A Local’s Directions

In the old McDonald’s building.

Address: 736 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Leach Bros BBQ

I’m actually not sure I’ve ever had their barbecue. As far as east Cleburne restaurants go, this one’s been there for as long as I can remember. Call
817-645-0663 to place an order for pickup.

A Local’s Directions

It’s on your way “north” on business 67. If you pass a flea market on your right, you’ve gone too far.

Address: 1106 E Henderson St, Cleburne, Texas 76031

Loaf’n Dog

Another new place I haven’t tried and if you know me, I probably never will. Sorry, hot dogs are just NOT my thing. But if you’re craving a hot dog, hit up this locally-owned joint! Call 817-556-1040 to setup your pickup or delivery order.

A Local’s Directions

In downtown, close to all the “antique” stores.

Address: 208 East Chambers, Suite E, Cleburne, Texas 76031

Mom’s Kitchen Bakery

This little bakery opened after I moved away from Cleburne, but boy do their goodies look good! Mom’s Kitchen is asking everyone to call 817-506-1290 before coming to the shop that way they can box you up whatever you want.

A Local’s Directions

This one is actually right next to Loaf’n Dog, so it’s right near the antique stores too!

Address: 206 E Chambers St, Cleburne, TX 76031


Ok, I’m putting this one on here even though I can’t find any evidence supporting that they are open right now. They are on Grub Hub and you can call 817-645-7404 with any questions. Sorry, there’s just too many here for me to call every one! If you’re wanting some breakfast taco and burnt out on Whataburger taquitos (LOL) try Monte’s! They’re walk up and order and drive thru only.

A Local’s Directions

A tiny little building that’s easy to miss on Main. Heading south, it’s just after the center with Flamingo Bingo.

Address: 709 N Main St, Cleburne, Texas 76033

Mug on the Square

Craving some coffee and wanting to support a local over Starbucks? Mug on the Square is where you want to go! They’re offering a limited pastry menu and all your favorite coffee drinks to go! Call 682-317-1888 before you go and get your drink delivered curbside.

A Local’s Directions

Just off the downtown square, on the side with the bridal shop.

Address: 6 E Chambers St, Cleburne, Texas 76031

R&K Cafe II

I haven’t eaten their food, but I have eaten here. Did I confuse you? I’m not sure how long R&K Cafe II has been at this location, but for as long as I can remember there has been some type of cafe in the building. See their Facebook page for specials, updates and service options.

A Local’s Directions

Where Main Street Cafe used to be south of downtown.

Address: 408 S Main St, Cleburne, Texas 76033

Susannah’s Homestyle Cooking

I saw one of my friends on Facebook mention Susannah’s was doing call-ahead take-out: 817-641-3848. And if you don’t want to get out, they are also on Door Dash.

A Local’s Directions

Susannah’s is in between Long John Silvers and the old KFC building.

Address: 1514 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Texas Royal Pizza

So many of my high school senior year pizza nights were fueled by this place! Not only was this place owned and ran by one of my friend’s families, but its actually been ran by two different friend’s families! I’m unsure who owns it now, but the last time I had it (seven to eight years ago) it was still delicious. Also, they’re offering take and bake pizza during the pandemic! Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates or call 817-641-5050 to place an order.

A Local’s Directions

They’re on the right side of Ridgeway before you get to the residential part of Ridgeway.

Address: 202 S Ridgeway Dr, Cleburne, Texas 76033

The Garden of Eating Bistro

Another place that I haven’t eaten at, but have eaten in the building. One of my best friends used to have an Italian restaurant here and now another childhood friend is running this establishment. As always, check out their Facebook page for specials, call 817-774-2078 to order or look them up on Door Dash or Grub Hub!

A Local’s Directions

They are across the parking lot from Wright Plaza on Main.

Address: 205 S Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033


I’m not sure if the above Facebook photos means they are doing delivery or not. Either way, call 817-526-5790 to order take out! They are on Door Dash, maybe.

A Local’s Directions

If you’ve never tried “Toritos” and wonder what and where is this? It’s in the El Torito building on north Main. El Torrito Mexican Food is on Door Dash which is why I have some confusion.

Address: 1309 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033

West End Grill

I couldn’t tell you how many rolls I’ve eaten from this place. Particularly because I’ve had roll eating contests here with siblings. Check out their Facebook page for updates, call ahead (817-558-3663) and go through the drive thru to pick up all the hometown favorites. They’re also doing limited delivery.

A Local’s Directions

You’ll find West End Grill close to the west end of town next to the movie theater.

Address: 1629 W Henderson St, Cleburne, Texas 76033

Cleburne Restaurants: The Chains

Should you still support chain restaurants in times like this? That’s a loaded question for some people, but they’re still employing local families, so I say yes.


Here’s a chain restaurant (with a drive-thru) that a lot of people have never heard of. Not only do they have some good burgers and ice cream, they also have a little grocery shopping section. I am unsure if they are still open for shopping on the inside though. Call 817-645-5194 before you go if you have any questions.

A Local’s Directions

They’re in-between Starbucks and Cicis.

Address: 1305 W Henderson, Cleburne TX 76033

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Here’s an ordering tip: Go online, order the 3 for $10 special. Get a drink, something small like chips and salsa or a soup and then your entree, all for $10! I have three things on rotation: honey chipotle chicken crispers, cajun chicken pasta and chicken quesadillas. Also, from a former Chili’s to go girl, tip your to go people! Yes, even when the quarantine is over! Call ahead and place your take out order at: 817-645-2083.

A Local’s Directions

You know where Chili’s is, you ate here every Friday night in high school after the football game. It’s in front of the “mall.”

Address: 1653 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033


In my opinion, Cicis isn’t worth it if you’re not hitting up the buffet. Splurge a little if you’re able and go with the locally owned Texas Royal Pizza listed above.

A Local’s Directions

Next to the Rock. The Rock is also known as Yellow Jacket Stadium. It’s where I played soccer on Tuesday and Friday nights, where I watched all the high school football games and where my graduation ceremony took place. It’s also been featured in movies, was built during the Great Depression and is a Texas historic landmark!

Address: 1301 W Henderson St, Suite E, Cleburne, TX 76033

Cotton Patch

Cotton Patch: Call-ahead Take-out; (817) 641-4222

A Local’s Directions

Next to FasTaco, kind of across the street from Starbucks.

Address: 1312 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

I didn’t even know Cleburne had a Dickey’s y’all. They have several options to get food to you, just call 817)-760-2900 to setup your carry out or delivery order.

A Local’s Directions

For people over 25: It’s next to the “new” Taco Bell.
For all age groups: It’s over by Lowe’s.

Address: 2002 N Main St, Cleburne, Texas 76033

Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant

A small DFW-based chain, Pulido’s is offering togo and some locations are offering togo alcoholic drinks. Fingers crossed Cleburne’s restaurant is one of the participating restaurants. Call 817-641-9421 to place your togo order and find out!

A Local’s Directions

I’ve been going to Pulido’s with my grandparents for as long as I can remember. How do I describe it besides saying it’s next to Benny’s old place?

Address: 812 N Main St, Cleburne, TX 76033

Wing Stop

They’re offering carry out and delivery says their website, call 817-645-9464 to order.

A Local’s Directions

Another one in the Cicis center.

Address: 1301 W Henderson St, Ste L-4-A, Cleburne, TX 76033

Here’s some of the chain Cleburne restaurants with drive thrus: Dairy Queen (2), Long John Silvers, Panda Express, Sonic (2), Taco Bell (2), Wendy’s and Whataburger (2).

For more things to do and Cleburne restaurants to eat at (not during a pandemic) check out How would you change my local directions? Let me know in the comments below!

– Texan Travels

Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed my little bits of comedic relief in my “A Local’s Directions” sections. So many of my friends and family have already lost their jobs, so remember when this is all over to shop small, eat out and tip big!

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