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Unique Accommodations near Auckland, New Zealand

Unique Accommodations Near Auckland

Are you looking for a glamping retreat with a killer view of the ocean? What about a cabin set in the rainforest? Or, how about a tiny house set atop a cliff? If you’re looking for any unique accommodations near Auckland, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites from five different websites.

I looked at more than 300 listings on Airbnb alone, to whittle down the best of the best that pre-taxes and service charges come in under US$250 a night. I’m partial to glamping style stays, but each listing will have some essence of glamour, a killer view or an amazing setting. We’re talking tiny houses on top of cliffs, safari tents looking out to the ocean and cottages set in the rainforest. If that all sounds like your style, keep reading!

Accommodations listed come in under $250 per night before taxes and fees. Some of the below links are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you decide to book after clicking through the link.


Auckland is the North Island’s largest city and home to the airport most tourists fly into. It’s where we touched down for a few hours before heading off on our 9-day adventure and it’s where we spent our last day.

Also, I earn nothing for sharing these finds from Airbnb. But if you haven’t signed up for Airbnb and do so by clicking this link, we can both get $20-55 off our next booking! Win-win!

If you're looking for unique accommodations near Auckland, I've compiled a list of my favorites from five different websites.

1. Glamping 1 Hour from Auckland

I had to start off a list of unique accommodations near Auckland with a canvas hut that I actually stayed in! This eco hut from Australia was our favorite accommodation of our trip to New Zealand. For availability and to book, click here. Don’t let the 270 scare you, it’s NZD! The outside of the hut is the feature photo at the top of this blog.

Why it made the list: The view from the living area! The bed, bath and porch all have amazing views of the rolling hills! And, our host let us know we were almost seeing the ocean from the porch.

Thoughts after staying here: Wow! The owners of the Canvas Hut really thought of everything when getting this site ready. They had robes, a bluetooth speaker and bubble bath! The stars were also a sight to behold, not quite as mind blowing as they were on the South Island, but still amazing! Subscribe to my mailing list here to be notified when I post more pictures and thoughts from our stay in the Canvas Hut.

One con: Let me preface this by saying this was not a deal breaker for us, it just might be for someone else. You are close to someone else’s land where they keep cattle. Our host let us know that their neighbor had moved cattle into the pasture directly in front of the hut the day before our arrival and that there shouldn’t be much activity (from humans) to bother us. Sometime in the evening a woman did come in a off-road vehicle to drop of some hay for the cattle. That being said, she still wouldn’t have been close enough to speak to and we couldn’t see her clearly.

2. A Hidden Gem in the City

Bring the outdoors indoors and stay at this posh oasis hidden in the city! It’s listed as being only 24 minutes from the airport (without traffic) and has a quaint, private garden! Click here to view this listing on Airbnb.

Why it made the list: I almost stayed here for that gorgeous private garden. Sadly, after saving it to a folder on Airbnb, it was booked the next day.

One con: The one con most Texans would have for any place – no air conditioning!

3. A Group Accommodation in the Forest

Cabins and camper-vans make up this camp in the middle of the forest! This is one of the most unique accommodations near Auckland I have found for larger groups. To check availability and book, click here. Their prices are in NZD – just FYI!

Why it made the list: It can accommodate 10 people and has a hot tub!

One con: If you’re a family group with small children, you’ll need to get approval prior to booking.

4. A Cottage Near the Airport

It may not have many reviews, but every single one of them is glowing! I had also saved this as a potential option for one of our nights around Auckland, but eventually went with the glamping experience at spot #1 above. Click here to view this listing.

Why it made the list: The view! This cottage boasts views of both the city and the sea (and has a 12 p.m. checkout)!

One con: It’s close to the airport, but it’ll still take you 30-40 minutes to drive there. I’m stretching here, this place looks awesome…

5. The Ultimate Boho Vibe Cottage on Waiheke Island

We didn’t get to make it to Waihike Island during our 2020 trip, but this is where we will stay if we ever make it. Click here to see more booking options for this listing on

Why it made the list: While the majority of the photos show this as a chic place to stay, keep scrolling through. The real reason it made this list is for the setting and the amenities. You know what that means – outdoor bathtub and a hot tub!

One con: You’ll need to take a ferry to Waiheke Island to reach this cottage, but it’s on an island filled with wineries!

Because there were so many cool looking places on Waiheke Island, here are some more options:

6: Off-Grid, Luxury Canopy Tent

This would be best for a group, but if you’re really looking to disconnect, check out this glamping stay! Click here to see more pictures and book this property. There are two options, so you may be sharing the glamping grounds with another group.

Why it made the list: This secluded tent has a clawfoot bathtub on the side deck!

One con: It is truly off-grid, which means there’s no power. They do have stoves to heat you up in the winter though! Also, as mentioned above, they do allow two groups to occupy the site at once.

Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel

Bonus: Boutique Hotel Near the Airport

Ben and I stayed at the Naumi our second to last night in New Zealand. Our goal was to stay somewhere with air conditioning since the previous few nights had been a/c free and our last night in New Zealand would be lacking it. Click here to see the booking options. I only recommend this place IF you will be choosing one of the upgrade rooms though!

Why it made the list: It has some super luxurious looking rooms and looked like the renovations were all brand new. Also, they had free welcome snacks!

One con: If you don’t go with one of the luxury looking rooms, and go basic and cheep like we did, you might get stuck with a dud of a room. The bed was comfortable and the air conditioning worked. At the end of the day, that’s all that really mattered to us.

Let me know below what you think of this list and if you try out any of these accommodations!

– Texan Travels

Need more suggestions on unique accommodations near Auckland or in New Zealand? Click here to view all the posts I will share from my trip to New Zealand.

I know this list is being posted during quarantine time for COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for after the quarantine! Pin this image for when you’re ready to start booking your own unique accommodations near Auckland!

If you're looking for unique accommodations near Auckland, New Zealand, I've compiled a list of my favorites from five different websites.


  • March 26, 2020

    Those look amazing! Adding a few to my bucket list!

  • March 29, 2020

    I have long dreamed of visiting New Zealand, and I’ve really been doubling down on places to see, things to do, and where to eat in NZ while we’re on a worldwide lockdown. These are SUCH cute and creative places to stay!

  • annickpeek
    March 30, 2020

    New Zealand is on my eventual bucket list but I feel like it needs a minimum of two weeks (preferably more) to do it justice and unfortunately, I can’t do that just now. Hopefully in the future. I do love a bathtub with a view though! I may not be Texan (though I’ve lived there on and off for 4 years, does that count?) but I don’t handle lack of AC very well. I’m okay with having to take a ferry to an accommodation that has wineries on the island – what a sacrifice! Cute options!

  • March 30, 2020

    Saving the cottage on my Auckland list on Airbnb. The view sounds amazing!

  • Renata bye:myself
    March 31, 2020

    This looks really serene, would love to spend a couple of days there. Too bad NZ is sooo far from Europe, never made it over there.


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