Hi, my name is Jacquelyn! I started my Texan Travels Instagram account in February 2017, as an outlet where I could share any (and all) of my travel pictures and not spam my friends and family. In 2018, I decided to ramp up my account as  I really needed a creative outlet and I was having major international travel withdrawal!

After posting on Instagram for a few months, I felt I needed to supplement the pictures with more content on what was going on around the time they were taken, and I also decided to throw in a few tidbits that future travelers to these places could actually find useful. So, here we are! Introducing the world to the word y’all!

💙 Texan Travels

About this Texan

Me in Grand Cayman on my first cruise!

If you didn’t see it above, my name is Jacquelyn. I’m from a small town just south of Fort Worth, Texas, or Dallas as some people incorrectly refer to it as. There is a difference y’all. I went to school for a bit just north of Dallas before transferring to good ol’ Texas A&M University! Whoop! Don’t worry, I’m not red ass, I won’t be flooding this whole blog with my school spirit. BUT I will be introducing you to new words like whoop, red ass and, of course, y’all.

I graduated in 2013, moved to Houston (where I had gotten a job) and began my career in marketing (creative, not numbers). I’ve worked for a couple of start up and smaller companies and I currently own my own LLC!

If you’re still reading, here’s an extra tidbit about this blog, it will have A LOT of Texas posts. Because, duh, Texas is the greatest country there ever was. It’s larger than several other countries around the world and you can literally drive for 12 hours and still be in Texas. SO hopefully this part of the blog will be helpful to readers looking to come experience the great state of Texas!

💙 Jacquelyn