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Texan Travels Blogs: What to Expect in 2020

Happy New Year! If you’re subscribed to my newsletter you may be receiving a summary of this post (and if you’re not click here, I only email about once a quarter). Both to keep me accountable and to let you know what content is coming down the pipeline, I decided to put my plan of Texan Travels blogs out here!

I can’t write trip itineraries or provide recommendations for locations, restaurants or stays without experiencing them for myself. So in order for you to look forward to my upcoming Texan Travels blogs, I need to look back on my travels!

Texan Travels Blogs: 2019 Trips to Expect

Wow. What a year it has been. I started with a trip to see my oldest friend, that I have known since first grade, get married in Dallas. Then the last trip of the year, was one to my sister’s in East Texas for a family Christmas party!

I don’t share many personal things on my blog outside of trips, but this last trip to East Texas is one I’m so glad I took and that I’m glad so many of my family was able to make. We lost my Aunt Kim, my dad’s sister, unexpectedly. It was a true blessing for us all to be near her and to hug her one last time. It gives me peace to know that she knew the Lord.

Iceland: March 2019

The biggest trip I took this year was to Iceland! Here’s a look at what you can currently find on my blog to help you plan your own trip to Iceland:

Here’s a look at what is in the works:

  • Things to know before you go to Iceland
  • Iceland packing list for a man
  • Iceland cabin accommodations
  • One day itinerary for Reykjavik
  • Things to do in Reykjavik
  • Things to do in Vík
  • Four day itinerary overview
  • And MORE!

Austin, Colorado Springs & Denver

This may seem like a weird grouping of cities, but what you should know is this year my best friend got married! We had her bachelorette party in Austin and then flew into Denver and drove down to Colorado Springs. If you find yourself planning a trip to any of these cities, here’s a few blogs you may find helpful:

These are a few posts you should definitely keep an eye out for:

  • Austin bachelorette weekend
  • Austin restaurant recommendations
  • Colorado hotel recommendations
  • Things to do in Colorado Springs
  • Glamping in Texas (Yes, more than one glamping experience!)

2019 Work Trips: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, San Antonio & Tulsa

Being a marketing consultant has allowed me to travel and work from remote area. But in 2019, I was asked to go and visit the customers of one of my clients. I took full advantage of these trips and made sure I took notes to relay back to you! I haven’t been able to get many blogs together for these cities, but here are the ones you can currently find on my site:

The vague and widely encompassing posts you can expect multiple posts to come from are:

  • Places to eat in all the cities above
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Other nurseries and garden center recommendations

Houston Adventures

I’ve recently moved from Houston to The Woodlands, which is just north of Houston. So while I have tons of restaurant recommendations, coffee spots and breweries to share in Houston, I’m excited to also start sharing hotspots in The Woodlands! Click here to see all of my blogs relating to Houston.

2020 Trips for Texan Travels

This year has some exciting things in store for me, my family and, of course, Texan Travels! I’m planning TWO international trips this year. My New Zealand plane tickets have already been booked, but that’s about it for that trip! January 2020, is going to be full of planning and researching for our 10-day trip abroad!

The new year isn’t only going to be incredibly busy, crazy and fun, but July is looking to be my craziest month of all! I will be attending a wedding near Lake Tahoe and my family is planning a vacation to The Bahamas. My immediate family! That includes my siblings and their significant others and children. Matthews party of 16, here we come!

– Texan Travels

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed this look at the future. If you have anything you’re hoping to see that isn’t listed, let me know in the comments below. If you have a specific question you’re hoping to have answered on a location I’ve mentioned above, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email!

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