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Wanaka Restaurants: Water Bar

Water Bar Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is a huge draw for this area and for good reason! It’s gorgeous and there are so many activities and places to go around the lake. One of the things we look for in a restaurant most is the view! If you’re in an area with an awesome lake, you want to be able to see it while you eat and relax! If you need a lunch or dinner recommendation, look no further than Water Bar Wanaka!

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Water Bar Wanaka is a great causal, laid back spot for lunch, but after knowing I could have watched the sunset at this spot, I wish we would have tried it for dinner!

If Ben and I aren’t sharing, I think I typically pick the better meal. This time, may have been different though. While my fries were really good, my wings were really different. Not a bad different, but seeing Ben’s jerk chicken bowl had me wishing I had gone with something more healthy feeling. He said it wasn’t really spicy, but it was good. One of the best things about Water Bar (besides the fact that you have a view of the water) is that they have a lot of beers from local breweries! I had Boundary Rd Brewery’s cider and Ben also tried one of their IPAs. His was good and mine tasted like apple juice, so we were both happy!

Travel Tip #30: Ask for tomato sauce, not ketchup.

For my fellow Americans, and anyone who eats ketchup, avoid being a noob and ask for tomato sauce instead!

What are your thoughts on these restroom doors? Let me know in the comments below. They were a little weird to me! So I knew I had to take a picture and share them!

Address: 145 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305

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