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Are you planning a trip to Iceland sometime between November and March? Click here for an example of an Iceland packing list for winter!

My Iceland Packing List for Winter

I’d just like to preface this post about my Iceland packing list for winter with the fact I started this way back in February 2019, worked on it again in March and am just now finalizing and posting in August!

I’ve spent the last few months slowly buying (and being gifted) items for my trip to Iceland (March 2019). Now, two days before my trip, and with the last three Amazon packages in my apartment, I’m hoping I have everything! If you’re planing a trip to Iceland you’ve come to the right place. Below is my Iceland packing list for winter!

Now back after my trip, I’ve included my thoughts on all of my items for my Iceland packing list for winter! You can click any picture or linked text to be taken directly to that item on Amazon. Please note some of the links below are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. If you’d like the quick rundown of all the items I got through Amazon, click here to see this list with prices on Amazon!

Are you planning a trip to Iceland sometime between November and March? Click here for an example of an Iceland packing list for winter!


Click here to purchase this Meriwool thermal shirt.This was the last item I ordered for my trip…just four days before takeoff. This Merino wool baselayer was great under my sweaters and kept me warm!
If you’re trying to find an affordable option for a 3-n-1 jacket, try this OutdoorMaster jacket! It really worked great and looked great! I first ordered the dark gray version of this jacket in a medium. With both layers on, it fit a little large and the base layer of it was like a potato sack. I tried again and ordered the teal in small and it fit a little snugger, but overall I was more happy with it and it kept me nice and warm!
I thought I would be taking my chances with this Nike Dri-Fit. However, it worked great and came straight out of my closet and didn’t add to my growing credit card bill.
I, of course, also packed a swimsuit for my visit to the Blue Lagoon and any hot springs we found along the way! If you’re looking to purchase this super cute swimsuit from Pink Dessert, click here! 


Update: I disabled the link as it’s not currently in stock or visible. I will try and update this if I see it come back in stock!

In addition to the items I bought above, I also brought two sweaters from Old Navy, a sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch, two t-shirts and two long sleeved shirts.


I had the hardest time finding pants for my Iceland packing list for winter. Mainly because I’m picky. I wanted some that fit more like skinny jeans, or at least weren’t so wide at the bottom like traditional snow pants. These fit great and gave me the look I wanted. I did always wear a base layer under these fleece lined pants, but I was always cozy and never felt like my legs were cold.
I definitely splurged a little on these The North Face tights. But they were comfortable and kept me warm. I also took some basic Nike Pro Tights that I had bought a few years ago. I wore these the whole first day and was honestly fine. Lastly, I brought a little Texas pride with me and wore some leggings that have the Texas flag on them!

In addition to the snow pants and three pairs of tights mentioned above, I also packed one pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle. I wore my The North Face leggings under them when we explored Reykjavík one afternoon.

Hats + Gloves

I’m sure my makeup won’t be as on point as this model’s, but the description of the this fleece knit beanie gives me hope for warm ears! Also, this was a gift I received for Christmas! Hip hip hooray, for saving that monay! 


Update: I definitely recommend buying this beanie for any cold weather trip!

I got this Bearpaw Combo Set: Headband and Pop-Top Glove Duo from the FabFitFun winter box. I’m not confident the gloves will be any help in Iceland, but the sherpa-lined headband is definitely something I’m hoping will help beat the Icelandic wind! 


Update: I didn’t even try the gloves, they wouldn’t have done much for me. The headband did keep my ears warm, but I preferred my beanies over it.

I bought the gray and black Women’s Indi Etip Gloves. I had hoped some old gloves I own would work, but after giving them a test run at a Houston farmers market, I knew they wouldn’t. When I had to take my gloves off and on to take pictures and send texts, I just knew that would work in Iceland! 


Update: These worked great! There was only two times that the wind was too much for these gloves.

I bought mittens similar to these to wear over my lighter weight gloves from above. They will be especially helpful when we are out in the middle of the night hoping to see the northern lights. 


Update: I had to double up gloves and use these extra mittens twice. Both times it was due to wind. One of the times, on top of the Kerið crater, my hands actually got sweaty.

As far as hats and gloves go, I only brought one additional beanie. It was a classic red, cotton yarn beanie that I had received one Christmas. I wore it in the city to add a little color to my outfit.

Socks + Shoes

Another Christmas gift to help with the cost of visiting Iceland for someone who literally has zero winter gear. Texas winters aren’t usually that intense and you can get by with minimal winter related clothing. These were the only socks I wore out and about in Iceland, and they worked perfectly!
I am a wussy when it comes to being cold. The mixed reviews on these Shellista II boots had me very worried. I went to a TNF store and tried on the 9.5 and realized, I did indeed need a 10 and ordered them from Amazon. 


Update: Waves got me at the famous black sand beach about three times and completely covered my boots. My feet stayed warm and dry! I was concerned that they wouldn’t stay that way with another wave so I didn’t test them beyond that.

In addition to the socks and shoes listed above, I only brought one other pair of ankle socks. I wore those on the plane to and from Iceland with some Nike tennis shoes. I also brought a pair of Old Navy flip flops to wear when we went to the Blue Lagoon!

Electronics + Accessories

I went to Iceland February 28, 2019, and planned ahead and for Christmas. I highly recommend using Christmas and birthdays as a chance to fuel your own Iceland packing list for winter and ask for things you need to take with you!

Photography Equipment: Bought

You can’t take pictures without a camera! I use the Canon T6i and bought it back in 2016 with my first paycheck at a new job.
I was really on the fence about this 24mm lens. It would be considered a bit of an outdated lens, but let me tell you: I am so happy I bought this. I specifically bought this to try and take pictures of the northern lights, and I got them! My excitement of getting the photos of this phenomenon were made possible by this lens!
After reading several blog posts and watching several YouTube videos that recommend buying a backup battery, I did it. It wasn’t entirely necessary, but it was nice not to have to remember to charge my battery every chance I got. I think I actually only had to switch batteries once due to a low battery.
I bought this kit at an earlier date, but honestly could have gone without it. However, I did consistently use the basic filter, just as an added protection for my camera lens in case it was dropped.
A true must-have for northern light photography and any long exposure you’re thinking of taking! If you’re thinking you want to take a long exposure of waterfalls, the night sky or the beach, you need a tripod.

Photography Equipment: Gifted

This was single-handedly the most important thing I needed to purchase. Thankfully, I received it as a gift! You have to protect your camera, y’all. The waterfalls spray you from distances you wouldn’t think possible and it was constantly snowing or light raining on us! It is better to be safe than sorry. Order this rain cover!
I already had one 32 GB memory card, but wanted to bring another along just in case. That along with my 16 GB and 8 GB cards were enough for my short four day trip.
This was another item I requested to not only protect my lens from drops, but to also use during my trials of taking northern lights photos!
My amazing boyfriend knew I had been eyeing a gimbal for my phone since before our trip to San Francisco. For my 2018 birthday, he gave me the Osmo Mobile 2 to take along to Iceland! It got some amazing shots as we drove and one of my favorite shots from the whole trip!

Other Accessories

I bought this backpack right before we left for Iceland to easily carry my camera and various accessories, towel, heavier gloves and snacks. Most importantly, it is listed as being water resistant which was great around the waterfalls and in the rain and snow!
We had originally planned to hit some hot springs along our route and I made sure I had a quick dry towel for us to use! Even though we didn’t end up being able to visit the hot springs we had wanted, this towel came in so handy! Drying off from light showers and constantly wiping our windows made the towel an essential item. Foggy windows were a constant issue for us!
I got this throw from a FabFitFun box and decided to take it all the way to Iceland for a photo I had in mind at a cottage we stayed at. I actually had the ivory color throw and ended up using it a bit in the car so it wasn’t such a frivolous pack!
If you are going to Iceland, bring a water bottle! I read in several places that purchasing bottled water in Iceland was basically just spending money on tap water! We filled our water bottles up in the kitchen sink of one of our Airbnbs and couldn’t tell a difference!
This was a really great resource before we went to Iceland and then while we were there! One of the most helpful tips we got out of it was how much food we were allowed to take into Iceland. Which, if you’re wondering, is 6 pounds and 9 ounces (3kg). See below for what we packed and how much 6 pounds and 9 ounces gets you!
Wondering how much food you are allowed to pack and take into Iceland? Click here to see how much!

We heard the coffee could be expensive, so we brought our own! Bringing spaghetti also gave us about two meals. This small grocery haul saved us big in Iceland!

– Texan Travels

Hi friends! This is one post of my blog series for Iceland! Be sure to checkout the blogs I have posted for this unforgettable trip here. Let me know what you would include *or not* for your own Iceland packing list for winter!

Are you planning a trip to Iceland sometime between November and March? Click here for an example of an Iceland packing list for winter!


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    Girl, this blog is definitely what I needed! I’m planning a trip to Iceland, but I didn’t know where to start with my packing LOL! Bookmarking this!!


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