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A Portable Blender: December’s Top Seller

As you may have read in Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Travelers, I had a portable blender on my “to buy” list for Christmas for one of my sisters. It seems others also had their eyes on a portable blender as it was the top seller for my blog in December, however the skinny leg snow pants I bought for Iceland was still my top clicked link.

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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

In my original post, I linked this Hamilton Beach blender (and that is what was bought through my link) that came in just under $20. Update: This blender has gone up a few bucks, but still comes in under $25. I will discuss it a bit more below, but I ended up buying the ECPurchase version. This product was just a few dollars more.

Besides the raspberry color pictured above, the Hamilton Beach personal blender comes in black, blue, red and white!

As of August 2020, the Hamilton Beach blender has 4.2 out of 5 stars with 5,639 ratings on Amazon. Somehow this blender lost around 8,000 ratings since I last updated this post in February… At the same time, the ECPurchase blender has 3.7 out of 5 stars with 1,225 ratings.

ECPurchase Portable Blender

The main reason I ended up buying the ECPurchase model was due to it being able to be used and charged by a USB plug. My sister had complained about not eating as well between school and her two jobs and she loves smoothies. I thought this would be the perfect gift to help her not skip meals and she could even plug it in to her car!

Thoughts from a Real User

Since this was a gift for my sister, I obviously haven’t been able to use it. So I reached out to her about what she’s liked about it so far.

My favorite thing to blend is my protein smoothies after a workout. (blueberries, bananas, protein powder, almond milk)

Looking for a good combination to throw in this ECPurchase blender? Her go-to blend is blueberries, bananas, protein powder and almond milk. I also happen to know that her boyfriend loves using the blender for his post-workout blends! Did I mention the blender also comes in lime green? Click here for the lime green version.

As with any experience, destination or product I share with you, I want to give you real, and as close to unbiased, opinions as I can. That being said, I asked my sister, what one thing was that could be better about the blender.

I wish the blender could be a bit more powerful so I can put frozen fruits in it.

My Final Thoughts

The funniest place I’ve ever used the blender is in my car in the parking lot. It’s actually where I use it every time.

Maybe I should have bought the Hamilton Beach blender since the description says: “Stainless steel blades: ice crushing power for smooth results.” But then she wouldn’t have been able to use it in her car, which is where she says she uses the most! Ha!

– Texan Travels

Hi friends! I hope you found this post helpful in your quest to find the a portable blender. If you’d like to see what else I suggested as gifts for travelers, click here. If you end up buying one of these blenders, let me know in the comments what you thought!

Portable Blender Options

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