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Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe in Surfside Beach

The Place to Eat in Surfside Beach: Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe

UPDATE: The Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe has moved to Prescott, Arizona. To see my recommendations for other places to eat in the Freeport area, click here. To see my recommendations for Galveston, click here.

I have regrets, such big regrets. When I first looked up places to eat in Surfside Beach, there were less than 10 restaurants that popped up. It wasn’t hard for Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe to catch my eye. Since I’m all about location and the uniqueness, I put it on my list to visit.

Surfside Beach Breakfast

Breakfast Taco Plate

Breakfast Taco Plate

Breakfast in Surfside on Friday and Saturday should be eaten at Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe. (For all the other days of the week, stay tuned for my breakfast in Freeport blog!) Let’s start with what I had, the Breakfast Taco Plate. Three corn tortillas filled with eggs, bacon and shredded cheese with flat grilled potatoes and homemade pico! They were only $8, y’all. They were definitely tacos you would have easily been paying $8 for two in Houston.

Ok, but let’s move on to what my mom ordered for my dad and boyfriend (they were meeting up with us after fishing). She ordered, what I will say is the best of the tortilla dishes at Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe. Breakfast Q’s, aka breakfast quesadillas! They were crazy good and left me wanting one of my own, even after I had finished off my three tacos. Thankfully, they are nice and filling and my boyfriend offered me a slice of his Breakfast Q. For $10 you get eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, flat grilled potatoes and a side of homemade pico. It’s the perfect breakfast quesadilla mix, if you ask me.

To wash all of this delicious food down, we had two Cinni Vanillis and two Birthday Cakes. They weren’t my favorite cold brew coffees, but it sounded like the Cinni Vanillis is worth trying (clearly I had the Birthday Cake). And if you were wondering a cold brew coffee will run you $4, and they give you a good amount of liquid for your money.

Now to my regrets, well I only have one really. And it’s name is Mac Daddy. Sitting at $10 this bad boy sounds delicious and unfortunately, while we tried our hardest, we didn’t make it back in time from a fishing trip to try it! This thing is apparently so good, they highlight it on their business cards! In case the name alone doesn’t entice you, here’s the description: grilled mac and cheese sandwich on Texas toast with bacon and BBQ sauce. You get all that on your sandwich, plus a side of tomato basil soup!Breakfast in Surfside Beach

Travel Tip #10: Check Their Facebook Page Before Going

This place is good y’all (AND they recently started doing pizza!), so good in fact that they sell out! So check their social media pages before you get ready to chow down to make sure there’s still something left for you! Thankfully, our visit was a Saturday morning and there were still plenty of tacos to go around.

Last but not least, support the locals when you travel! The owners of this truck were so nice and I’m totally not holding it against them that they started pizza the week after we left… Y’all their prices were reasonable and when the food is good, how can you not try it?! Let me know WHEN you go!

Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe in Surfside Beach

You can find Sugar Skull Rolling Cafe at the corner of Bluewater Highway (CR 257) and TX 332, which just so happens to be a short walk from the main entrance to the beach in Surfside! And if you’re a crazy person and can’t find anything appealing on their menu, there are a couple of other food trucks in the same location.

– Texan Travels

Hi friends! This is one post of my blog series for Surfside Beach! Be sure to checkout all the great blogs I will be posting for this multi-family vacation here. Also, don’t be shy! Let me know if you’ve been to Surfside Beach and what you loved and *gasp* hated!

5 out of 5 will visit again!


  • Jolé Matthews
    August 12, 2018

    I want to go back! It was so good!!!

  • Cheryl Jones
    August 14, 2018

    It is seriously good food…


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