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Ahh, Coffee – Ahh, No

Occasionally described as a “hipster hotspot,” Ahh, Coffee, was definitely that. But it did not leave me saying “ahh” in the good way. Also, sorry for no pictures! The lighting was pretty poor in the back where we were sitting!

My coworker Arianna, a local coffee expert, enticed me join her at the coffee shop with “…they have Ethiopian here.” So I went. I ordered an Ethiopian coffee which was served (made?) as a pour over. I believe this was my first time having a pour over coffee, but I could be wrong. For those who don’t know, it’s served hot, and as you would image the hot water is poured over the ground coffee and a filter. And I either don’t like pour over coffee or I don’t like their Ethiopian coffee, but Arianna didn’t care for it (or her latte) either. So we’ll leave it at that.

In the words of Randy Jackson and my coworker the music got a, “It’s a no from me dawg.” Don’t get me wrong, Ahh, Coffee has a great environment for working and studying, even with the awful music they had playing on a Tuesday afternoon. If you find yourself at Ahh, Coffee, I hope they have a different selection playing for you!

Speaking of the great environment, they had some pretty comfy black loveseats and they were definitely my favorite part of this coffee shop! High marks all around for the number and accessibility of outlets, tables and their copper colored water cups! Also, I do have to award Ahh, Coffee with 10,000 bonus points for supporting Menstrual Flux, which you can read more about here! The bonus points are so high because they were good products too!

Travel Tip #11: Be Careful Parking

They do have a parking lot, however it is very small and was pretty packed. Also, my Grand Cherokee scrapped the bottom when I was pulling in the entrance on Rusk, just a warning for any lower sitting vehicles! I went ahead and skipped the $5 parking lot across the street and chose to park on the street, although I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to pay… So I did just to be on the safe side. Side note, the barista inside couldn’t help at all when I asked if he knew of any free street parking or about the parking situation in general.

– Texan Travels

2 out of 5 and +1 for the bathroom supplies.

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