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Potato Shack

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Known as “the original meal in a peel,” Potato Shack offers a variety of potatoes and other inexpensive food items.

Conveniently located in Bryan, on Northgate and South Wellborn, Potato Shack is easily accessible to anyone in Bryan and College Station. Huntsville also has another location.

The College Station locations offer a college atmosphere with a rustic décor. The walls are adorned with autographed posters of different musical artists and the tables with that of the patrons. While the seating is maximized in both locations, you are still left with a comfortable amount of room.

Although both locations are easily accessible, the parking on Northgate is sometimes scarce and on Wellborn is limited. All locations, except Bryan, have dine-in, carry-out and delivery options.

The other customers are generally college-age or young families. The wait staff is generally nice, with the exception of the girl who usually works the front counter at the Wellborn location.

Drink options include Dr Pepper and Pepsi products, along with water and tea. The Wellborn location also offers a variety of beers while watching your favorite sports team on one of their TVs.

Travel Tip #1: Visit Potato Shack on Fridays

Most people will find their wait is not that long at Potato Shack, the staff quickly prepares your food and it is then promptly brought out to you. However, on Fridays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Potato Shack has a special where you can get your usually $6.99 potato for $3.99.

To some the price may seem a bit much for just a potato, but it is well worth it. Not only is the food delicious and warm, the potatoes are quiet large. Potato Shack has a variety of specialty potatoes, with predefined toppings, or the option to have a customized potato. For those that don’t like the skin on their potato, you also have the option of ordering any potato “mashed,” where they peel the skin off the potato and fix and mash it in a large silver bowl.

There’s more to Potato Shack than potatoes. They also have many choices of sides such as cheese sticks, fried pickles and pecan pie.

The appetizers are generally under $5 and the deserts under $3. They also offer dinner and side salads for under $6. But three huge Potato Shack favorites are the CCR, the Cattleman, and Hot Wings.

All visually appealing, and having been served all three, any of them would be a wise choice for a first timer. The Cattleman has diced fried chicken on potato with melted butter mixed in underneath with a side of the special Cattleman sauce, additional sauces are 50 cents. The Hot Wings potato has hot wings sauce poured over diced chicken on top of the potato, served with a side of ranch dressing.

My personal favorite, the CCR, which stands for chicken, cheddar, ranch, is delicious and greatly filling. The potato has melting butter under the above mentioned ingredients, plus something that makes everything taste better, bacon. The meal is made completely with a side of ranch.

Potato Shack is definitely a restaurant worth visiting, especially on Friday nights for college students who are a little tight on money and wanting to enjoy a filling, delicious meal.

– Texan Travels

5 out of 5 would visit again.

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