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Dessert Gallery, Post Oak

Update (06/18/13): Apparently due to rising rent, Dessert Gallery on Post Oak has been closed. You can still check them out at their Kirby Drive location, though! Update (06/9/18): This post was moved here from its original place on my free account.

True to its name, Dessert Gallery showcases a variety of sweet treats and drinks.

Dessert Gallery has two locations in Houston, one on the upper portion of Kirby Drive and the other near the Galleria Mall on Post Oak Boulevard.

The Post Oak Boulevard location has a very friendly staff. The owners are frequently there, often manning the serving station themselves. Being a bakery and café, the atmosphere is warm and offers free Wi-Fi. Seating is similar to other cafés, cozy and limited, but a great deal of extra seating is available on the bakery’s patio.

Being near the Galleria, Dessert Gallery has many other restaurants and shops near it, making finding parking easy. The location is also easily accessible and can be seen from the road.

Dessert Gallery’s walls are covered in vibrant colors along with a few small TVs that continuously have videos playing of the various desserts being prepared and decorated.

Dessert Gallery Cakes

The old fashion diner cake, front and center.

Upon walking into Dessert Gallery you see the glass cases of desserts, put on display welcoming an internal debate on what to get. The desserts include layer cakes, mousse cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cupcakes and various other little desserts.

Cakes can be enjoyed by the slice and cost around $7, the price may seem a bit much, but they are generous with the portions they serve. The other desserts bought by the slice are a few dollars cheaper. The little desserts are all under $3.25.

Dessert Gallery also offers sandwiches, wraps and salads, all for under $7. Other services of Dessert Gallery include catering and nationwide shipping of their desserts. Their most popular shipping item, the cakes, can be bought in sizes ranging from six inches to full sheets and prices of $27.50 to $225.

For the frequent customer, a free card can be gotten that you have stamped each time you get a slice of cake. After your eighth slice of cake, you get one free. Dessert Gallery gives you the option to enjoy a glass of milk with your dessert of choice, along with various coffees, soft drinks or water.

Dessert Gallery Cakes

Carrot cake, the Big O and birthday cake.

Travel Tip #2: Order a Top Selling Cake

Top selling cakes of Dessert Gallery include the French Vanilla Cake, Old Fashioned Dinner Cake and Red Velvet Cake. Rich and simply decorated, after tasting these cakes you will not be left wondering why they are customer favorites.

These layer cakes include two layers of cake, separated by a thin layer of icing and topped with the same. The Red Velvet Cake, my personal favorite, is iced with a classic, rich cream cheese icing. Slightly off-white, this icing provides a visually stimulating contrast of colors when the cake is cut into and the deep red of the cake is revealed.

Dessert Gallery is a great place to go with friends and hang out after a day of shopping or to treat your sweet tooth!


– Texan Travels

5 out of 5 will visit again.

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