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Lunch at Local Foods Upper Kirby

Eating Local Foods in Upper Kirby

I had never heard of Local Foods before my coworker and I were looking for a place to eat one day. We started Googling and searching Instagram for a fun looking lunch spot and I came across a pretty night picture of Local Foods in Upper Kirby.

Travel Tip #7: Lunch Spot or Date Night Location?

Let me go ahead and start this post off by saying, put Local Foods Upper Kirby on your Houston date night list! They have string lights above their outside dining area and as a 20-something woman, I love string lights above my dining area!


My “Crunchy” Chicken sandwich was $12 and I didn’t keep a detailed receipt so I’m not exactly sure how much my mini pie was. All in I paid $17.32, so I’m estimating the pie was about $2.50. I’m on the fence about the price. On one hand I think it was a little high, but on the other it’s supporting local farms and artisans so it makes me ok with the price. What about you? Do you feel better spending a little more when you know it’s going into your community and not a large chain?

Lunch Features at Local Foods Upper KirbyAtmosphere

The inside is really nice with an interesting display when you walk in by the menus and a wall with a giant map of Houston on it. The tables inside are also super cute and Instagram ready if Instagram flatlays are your thing!

As I said above, the Upper Kirby location of Local Foods is date night worthy. My coworker even saw a cute little bird bathing itself in a fountain outside. We sat in the yellow cushion booths under a metal overhang by succulents. Y’all know how I love succulents! The lighting was pretty weird under the overhang, so it probably wasn’t the best spot for us to choose since we were partly there to take pictures.


These were the contents of my chicken sandwich: nut crumble (the “crunchy”), provolone, buttermilk ranch, pickles, romaine and tomato. It was good, but very messy and kept falling out. I also didn’t get much crunch and that was a little disappointing. Ok, so something I didn’t cover, what was all of this on? A pretzel bun. And honestly, I almost didn’t order it because it came on a pretzel bun. That would have been a mistake! This was the best pretzel bun I have ever had. Not too salty, nice and soft, but it held up under the moistness of the sandwich contents!

I wasn’t a fan of the quinoa I got as a side and I think it was because of the cucumbers in it, it just tasted too… fresh… if that’s a thing. I like my cucumbers in pickle form, only. My other side (that’s right you get two sides with the sandwich) of homemade chips were good, but didn’t beat the ones from Tiny Boxwoods. For my next visit to Local Foods, I’ll definitely be trying something other than this chicken sandwich and the quinoa.

On to the star of the lunch show.

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t get to it here), you may have seen me mention how I will basically eat pecan pie year round. Well pecan pie is my favorite y’all and I absolutely loved this little thing from Local Foods! I didn’t finish it at lunch the day I had it, so I took it home and took it to work the next morning and had it for a snack with my coffee, delicious! If I was really feeling dessert, I might get another pecan pie, but more likely I would probably try something new. Side note on their other desserts, my gluten free coworker does not recommend the “Gluten Free 7-Layer Bar.”

Do you have a favorite lunch time spot inside the 610 loop in Houston? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out! Also, be sure and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures from my time at Local Foods!

– Texan Travels

5 out of 5 would visit again.

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