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FM Kitchen and Bar

Murals & Shakes at FM Kitchen and Bar

When you look up FM Kitchen and Bar (hereon referred to as FM) on Instagram you see a lot of pictures of their cute mural walls, most notably the splatter painted wall by Mr D 1987, and their shakes! However, when you pull up for a late lunch, you may be disappointed with what you see…

Jacquelyn-MatthewsLet me put your worries to rest. The wall is likely to be covered in shadow, but you can still get some great shots in front of it! As we got out of my car, my coworker really was contemplating us hitting up another spot in the area. We were definitely glad we stayed though!


I am not one of those people who are comfortable going to an establishment and taking cute pictures inside or in the patio seating area, and not purchasing anything. Plus it would leave me with far less subjects to shoot! I’ll keep this section short and sweet, just like my chocolate shake that was $8.89. I went with the chicken club for $7.89 and split a boat of fries with my coworker for $1.95 (my share). All-in, before tip, I was at $20.28.

Before even tasting the food, I’ll tell you that I thought the chicken club was overpriced. I feel like most places have chicken clubs that run within a dollar of that price point AND they include the fries. I’m a french fry girl and thankfully my coworker wanted to split some! The shake is priced for what it is, a dressed up dessert. What do you think, from looks alone, would you order the shake and chicken club?


I’ve been to FM once before, but just to the parking lot for a farmers market. It looked like a fun place to hang out so I was eager to go back. We took a seat outside in their covered patio that bordered the bar to be close to the color splattered wall we came to see. It was a little hot, as Texas usually is in June at 2:30 p.m., but it looks like at their busier times FM is well equipped with outside fans to keep their patrons cool. Being the only two crazy people who wanted to sit outside, the fans weren’t on (and we also didn’t ask for them to be turned on). Our waitress was nice, but my coworker did mention how she felt we were being judged for our picture taking.

FM seems like a really great place to meet up with friends for drinks after work, but I didn’t catch their happy hour or drink prices, so don’t hold me to that!


My coworker has celiac disease so she’s usually more limited on what she can eat at restaurants. FM does not have a gluten free menu, but they definitely get the question enough that our waitress was able to advise my coworker on how they could adjust some menu options to fit her dietary needs. She ended up going with a bunless burger wrapped in lettuce.

The chicken club and fries were were good, but I think from my tone above, you can tell I wouldn’t order the club again. And we’ll just leave it at that!

FM-Chocolate-ShakeOk, let’s talk about that shake! After all, it was the main thing that drew us to FM in the first place (the color wall just sealed the deal). Adequately coated in chocolate syrup, the handled mason jar contained not just a chocolate shake, but also brownie pieces, chocolate covered pretzels, whipped cream and other things that I can’t remember! It was good, it was really good. Sometimes sweets are just too sweet for me, so I wasn’t able to finish it, but I did probably eat about $6.50 worth of it. However good my memories of eating it may be… it will not lead me to order it again. But if you’re cool with the price, you’ll get a great treat and even better pictures out of it!

Do you have a favorite lunch time spot inside the 610 loop in Houston? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out! Also, be sure and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures from my time at FM Kitchen and Bar!

– Texan Travels

5 out of 5 would visit again (for drinks).

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