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Houston Hotspots for a Bright White Feed

Are you searching for a great place in Houston to up your Instagram aesthetic? Visit one of these Houston hotspots to assist you in curating a bright white feed!

Café Poêtes

A french inspired café, you’ll definitely want to pretend to be Belle on their bookcase ladder. Sadly, I don’t have my own photo of that yet. Above is a stunning picture of my friend Shunelette living her best Belle moment!

Café Poêtes makes the top of the list because even their restroom is here to support your bright white dreams!

While I’ve added a little bit of a warm tint to my photos, it is clear to see they could have easily been enhanced to perfect a bright white theme. My own Instagram feed varies from series to series, and while posting pictures of Café Poêtes, Flower Child and Vibrant, I was going for a warm, fall feel.

Flower Child

When I heard Houston was getting a Flower Child, I was pretty excited! Back in July I attended a one-day conference and met a blogger from Dallas, Jasmine, and she had told me about Flower Child in Dallas. And let me tell you, Houston’s version didn’t disappoint!

First, the building is super cute and you better be ready to take some selfies with their splatter paint inspired peace sign! Second, they have an outdoor seating area that can stand alone on this list. All of their tables are light colored with cute centerpieces, c’mon check out this tiny pineapple just chilling outside! The will soon have Flower Child in eight states, click here to see if one is opening near you!


If you’re looking for a healthy, local-supporting place to eat, here it is! Vibrant is all about “gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and non GMO”. But don’t worry fellow meat eaters, they have stuff for us too!

With white tables galore and a nice outdoor seating area, you’re sure to get that perfect lighting and nice white background. They also have beautiful white flowers to add another element to your photos, just look for a smaller vase and set of fresh cut flowers to make sure everything stays in frame!

Looking for more places to try? Check back periodically as I’ll be updating this list as I travel around Houston! If I’m missing a place you think would be great for a bright white feed, drop a comment below so I can check it out!

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