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The Best Travel Gifts: 8 Gifts Under $25

Looking for the best travel gifts for your globe trotter? If you know someone who loves to travel and they don’t already have these items, I promise they’ll love them! And if they don’t, send me a message and I’ll send you my mailing address to send it to me ? I’m always appreciative!

Please note some of the links below are affiliate links and this is why the pricing is missing as I’m not supposed to outright have it listed (incase prices change), but they are all under $25! Also, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link.

1. A Travel Pillow

Best Travel Gifts - Travel Pillow

For my 25th birthday, one of the gifts my boyfriend got me was this AERIS travel pillow (in blue). Not only does it come with an eye mask, ear plugs and a carrying bag, but the outer shell can be unzipped and washed! I lost my ear plugs on my flight back from Europe in 2016, but the eye mask is easy to keep up with and I store it in the bag when I’m not using it. It’s not the best eye mask, but what you’re paying for is the pillow and for under $25, it’s worth it!

Most of the travel pillows I’ve seen don’t have the zipper feature and you’re forced to just throw the whole thing in the washer, potentially ruining it. With the AERIS travel pillow, you not only can wash the pillow case, you can also protect it in between washes, and while traveling, with the carrying case! Oh yeah, the memory foam pillow is super comfy, great for the car, plane or train, and that’s why it makes the top of my best travel gifts list!

To view on Amazon: AERIS Travel Pillow

2. A Passport Wallet

This list wouldn’t be complete without things I, as a traveler, would like to be given! The passport wallet pictured comes in 30 different options and is customizable! When shopping for a passport wallet, “they” say you should get one that has RFID blocking, and as the one pictured doesn’t have that, here are a few options that do and are still super cute:

3. A Headphone Splitter

Beat the system and save some money! Flights with built in TVs in the headrest are pretty great, but when you have to pay to watch anything, that’s not. When traveling with a friend or loved one, buy a movie for one screen and the use a headphone splitter to hear it in two full sets of headphones! No more sharing and only hearing the movie through one ear!

To view on Amazon: Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter

If you really want to “put it to the man”, click here for a 5-way splitter, although I feel like you’d only need three.

4. A Travel Gift Card

Now, wait. I’m not suggesting any old regular gift card, I’m suggesting a travel gift card! One they can use on hotels, flights and ride shares. You heard your sister is trying to save up to go to Cancun with her friends? Give her the gift of flight, and the gift of only being able to use it on her flight! These type of gift cards will help your budget conscious traveler not spend a Visa gift card on Starbucks and actually save for their trip! (Although I’ve linked those too. ?)

5. A Map to Show Their Travels

Maps to mark where you have been is a great gift idea for anyone who loves to travel! I received a magnetic map as a present and loved marking the places I had been and then using a different color to mark the places I was headed to that year. Scratch maps are fun, easy to find and can be bought in a global or country-specific version! A close friend’s family has a large map that they have pinned where all of the members of their family, which is a unique way to use a pin map that just warms the heart!

Here area couple of options from Amazon to show you how diverse the options are:

6. A Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is a great inexpensive gift for travelers! It is also a great gift you can make right at home to add a personalized touch or you can go to Etsy and leave it to the craft pros. Pictured is one of the luggage tags I made a few years ago for two of my sisters and two of my nieces (pre-hole punched).

Sorry it is so dark, obviously I wasn’t thinking ahead to sharing it. If you would like to know how I made these, leave a comment below and I might do a DIY post for it!

8. An Outlet Adapter

This is a gift all international travelers need! But if you plan to use this yourself or give it as a gift, here’s a word of caution: Take note of your device’s voltage requirements! Something I didn’t know on my first trip to Europe, my Chi flat iron would not work in a regular adapter as it didn’t convert the voltage. I honestly wished I had just bought a travel flat iron and not ruined mine. It was an expensive mistake!

Bonus: Best Travel Gifts for Campers

Because your camping experience is only made better by a good night’s sleep! Here are two options that I would definitely file under best travel gifts if I was headed to the woods for the weekend:

1. A Sleeping Bag

During 2008, my family was in the process of building a house in the country. Before it was completed we were living in campers on our land and it was pretty chilly in the camper I shared with one of my sisters. When it was turning to winter I literally slept with a tower heater blowing right on my face, which is so unlike me. I came home one night after a school dance, and in the early hours of my birthday, to a brand new Coleman sleeping bag from my dad! To this day, it is one of my favorite birthday gifts! While I’ve only used it a couple of times for camping, it comes in handy for sleepovers!

View options on Amazon: Coleman Sleeping Bags

2. A Hammock

Sleeping out under the stars and in between trees was never so great an experience! This would also be a great gift for some college students. I can’t tell you how many times I would see people string a hammock up at Texas A&M University and be instantly jealous I didn’t have one to do the same!

To view on Amazon: Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

What’s been your favorite travel-related gift? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll include it in a future gift guide! Happy holidays (and travels)!

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Best Travel Gifts
Best Travel Gifts Under 25

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