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Disney, the Outtakes

Little Sisters on the way to Disney Click through to see these girls all grown up!

You may have noticed some of my Instagram posts for Disney alluded to stories not related to Disney… And they may have left you wondering, “Did she forget that she was going to tell us this other story?” Well I didn’t! I was just saving it for a special blog post that’s not filled with any sort of information anyone but family would want to read.

Here is the main caption you may have been expecting a story from: “We got to our hotel super late, got in trouble (well Paige and I did at least, more on that in the coming blog) and had gone straight to the room with no exploring! But the next morning, we woke up to this gorgeous view and I was seeing the ocean for the first time not from the shores of Texas.”


I don’t exactly remember how or why it happened, but Paige and I decided to “race” and leave poor little Alex (brown shirt above) behind. Not alone, mind you. We were in the parking lot of our hotel in Destin, Florida, for the night and our parents were right behind us with Makenna. So Alex tries to keep up for a little bit but then gets upset because we’re 10 years older and a lot faster than she is. It’s at this point we get the whistle. The “come here” signal from our dad.

Long story short, we got in trouble and didn’t get to look around the hotel. I don’t remember what hotel this was, but it had bunk beds in a hallway. In the morning we did get to go outside and I have to say it was way better than it would have been at night.

Also, since I hadn’t mentioned it in the other Disney blog post, we went the week of Thanksgiving in 2007. But we didn’t miss Thanksgiving dinner thanks to my mom and Boston Market!

One of the clearest memories I have from our trip to Disney was stopping in Panama City Beach, Florida, on the way back. But not because of the beach we got out on or the pictures we took there. It was for the awful Burger King we stopped at. To this day, I have not eaten another burger from Burger King.

Hope you enjoyed these random memories and stay tuned for blog posts featuring some fun Houston eateries!

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