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Café Bustelo Houston Pop Up Coffee Shop

Café Bustelo in Houston: A Pop Up Coffee Shop

Run, don’t walk, to Café Bustelo in Houston, the latest pop-up coffee shop in Montrose! Here’s the most important thing: If you want to try Café Bustelo’s espresso-style coffee, you must get there by May 25, 2019!

Pop-up coffee shop Café Bustelo in Houston in a yellow shipping container

Café Bustelo in Houston: Parking & Lines

If you’ve read about Café Bustelo’s pop-up shop in Houston, you’ve had to have seen something about the long wait and the lack of parking. The parking lot on the backside of the yellow shipping container is small and is shared with a space next door. There is a good amount of street parking, but you can be looking at quite a walk if you don’t score a close spot.

Inside the yellow shipping container of Café Bustelo in Houston

The line to get coffee or snacks is no joke. I waited in line for about 30 minutes for my café con leche. The wait after placing my order was reasonable, though.

Coffee sizes at Café Bustelo in Houston

Pricing & Taste

I felt like the price was pretty good for the size cup you would get. I ordered a medium which was $4.00 before tax (or syrup flavor). The flavor was an additional $0.50 and that’s pretty typical for Houston. The photo above shows my medium next to my friend’s cortadito cup!

The issue I had with the taste was that it was too sweet for me. I was also told after ordering by a friend that the espresso is already slightly sweet. I think if I went back a regular café con leche without syrup would be great. Let me know below if you’ve been and what you thought of the coffee!

Pop-up coffee shop Café Bustelo in Houston

If you do happen to make it out to Café Bustelo in Houston before it disappears, do their little puzzle game for me! It’s the mosaic tile behind my coffee cup above and my dumb self was so sad a tile was missing and hid the empty space with my cup. Y’all I didn’t even notice part of the picture was out of order until writing this blog.

– Texan Travels

For more information on Café Bustelo in Houston, click here. Did you miss the Café Bustelo pop-up coffee shop? Click here to see some other hip coffee shops in Houston and around the world!


Café Bustelo Houston Pop Up Coffee Shop


  • Socorro Vazquez
    June 17, 2021

    Wow wish we had a cafe bustelo shop here in Philly. Do they sell cafe bustelo coffee mugs?


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