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Lunch at the Gypsy Joynt

If you walk into the Gypsy Joynt and are surprised by their eclectic decor, what could you have possibly been expecting from a place called the Gypsy Joynt?


There is so much to look at inside, and my only negative comment I can say would be that it was pretty dark inside and wasn’t the best for pictures. And even if you aren’t taking pictures for a blog, Instagram or Facebook, you’ll still want to take pictures, simply because it’s decorated so interestingly! Also, there are some old arcade games, which I loved!

Travel Tip #13: Don’t Go to the Gypsy Joynt Right at Noon

There isn’t a ton of seating and it quickly fills up! Our party of five arrived around 11:30 a.m. and we were served shortly before 12 p.m. While we were eating a line formed, which persisted through our time there. When we got up from our table, a family walking in sent one of their party to claim our spot. Just keep in mind this is a walk up and order counter establishment!

A nice surprise when we arrived was to see the Gypsy Joynt “vibe” carried over to the outside as well. We walked up from the right side of the building, so if you come from the left, be sure and walk past the door and around the corner for the decorated wall! And if there is more on the left side of the building, let me know in the comments below!


My dad and youngest sister both ordered burgers, both of which looked huge! My mom and I ordered pizzas, my favorite food. I got the chicken bacon ranch and she ordered one of the healthier options. I would 100% recommend their pizza, it was delicious. The only “bad” thing about it was it wasn’t very good cold the next morning. I love to eat (refrigerated) cold pizza for breakfast, but I had to pop this one in the oven before chowing down for the second time. I’ve come to the conclusion that gourmet-type pizzas just aren’t’ good cold.

Now on to what I have to say is the best, most clever, hilarious name I’ve seen for a menu item. (My slightly dark sense of humor peaks its head through on this one.) The Mother and Child Reunion Wrap. Can you guess the main components? Well, it’s chicken and scrambled eggs! I laughed so hard when my little sister told me what she had ordered, and I hope you did too!


They Gypsy Joynt has a wide range of options on their menu. Thankfully this eclectic lunch spot keeps their prices under $20. All of their focaccia and wraps come in at $9.99 and that price includes one side. Their pizzas are a reasonable $11.99 and you’ll likely walk away with leftovers.

Side note: Their website isn’t the best, but here is their website in case you want to explore the menu for more food options and prices!

The Gypsy Joynt is a great lunch option in Galveston and all of the food (and coffee) we ordered on our Wednesday visit was definitely worth the price we paid. Have you been to the Gypsy Joynt? Let me know in the comments below, give me something I should try the next time I visit!

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5 out of 5 will visit again!

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