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Japanese Tea Garden Bridge

2018 Year End Instagram Blog Review

Happy last day of 2018! I thought I would finish up the year with an Instagram blog review. Below you’ll find my most popular photos from my “first year” of blogging on Instagram.

Instagram Review: Top 9 by Impressions

Fishermans Wharf at Night
#1: Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco at Night

Coming in with a total of 1,058 impression for the year and reaching 884 people! This photo was posted December 4. This photo is also my third most engaged with post, click here to see it on Instagram. See more of my San Francisco photos and blogs here.

Houston Hotspots

#2: Flower Child Building in Houston

This photo was originally posted without text on it on October 23 (click here to see it on Instagram), and had 762 people see it 931 times! You can read the blog mentioned on the photo by clicking here. With this photo coming in at number two on my impressions, it’s surprising to see that it’s last on my engagement list.

#3: Jacquelyn’s Donut

December 21, I shared a massive donut from San Francisco and reached 612 accounts 800 times. Click above to add another number to that and give me an extra like if you want!

#4: FM Kitchen & Bar’s Color Wall

A post from my summer lunch series, this July 21 post reached 615 people for a total of 756 impressions. You can read about my experience at FM Kitchen, here.

#5: Jacquelyn Behind the Scenes

This behind the scenes picture from October 15 was shown 751 times to 624 accounts. I love candids, so this was one of my favorite photos from the year.

#6: The Flower Child Water Stand

Probably the lowest like photo in my top 9, this November 6 photo reached 617 accounts for a total of 749 impressions. You can read more about this cute eatery, here.

Golden Gate Bridge

#7: The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

This was my favorite picture from San Francisco. SO I saved it and made sure to post it on my birthday, December 11! It ended up reaching 580 people, 747 times. Click here to see it on Instagram. This photo also comes in at #2 for my top most engaged with photos!

Japanese Tea Garden Bridge

#8: The Japanese Tea Garden Bridge

This is one of the pictures I was a little surprised by. It had 746 impressions from 609 accounts and for some reason I just thought this December 6 photo wasn’t going to do as well. Click here to see it on Instagram.

#9: Me, Chillin’ with the Pumpkins

Last, but not least, my current Instagram profile picture! This Halloween photo had 733 impressions and reached 623 people. This photo also comes in at #4 on my list by total engagement.

Instagram Review: Top 9 by Total Engagement

#1: The Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

The first photo I posted from my trip to San Francisco. November 9 was a great day for posting! This is my most engaged with photo. With a total of 204 likes, comments and saves, it’s also sitting at a 40.6% engagement.

Numbers 2 through 5 can be found on the list above.

#6: Café Poêtes Éclair

A surprising 169 likes, comments and saves put this photo at a 49% engagement rate. You can see more photos from my visit to Café Poêtes, here.

#7: We Heart Houston Sign

This was my first photo to reach 100 likes in under 24 hours! To say I was excited when this happened would be an understatement. You can read about this sign and its history, here.

#8: Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies of Post Card Row. Alamo Square Park gave us great views of these ladies and the city’s skyline behind them. Be sure and read my 10 Iconic San Francisco Landmarks blog post if you’re considering a trip to Northern California!

Number 9 can be found on the list above.

My Instagram Blog Review Takeaway

I’ve always heard photos with people and photos with me in them would do the best. I was really surprised when my Fisherman’s Wharf photo reached so many and got so many likes! While my top impression photos had four photos of me, only two of these made it onto the list of my top engaged photos.

A goal of mine in the New Year is to use a whole month of posting on Instagram to test out this theory of photos with me and people will do the best. As a person who doesn’t really like to be in front of the camera, I will be taking advantage of the shortest month of the year and posting only photos containing my face (with some others too, but always with mine).

Thanks for following along on my blogging journey, I’m so excited for this next year and the new places I will take you!

– Texan Travels

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